The Pipeline


AH the freedom! Now, what the hell am I going to do with my life?! Like, seriously.. I don’t even know where to apply for jobs.
So I finished my degree last Friday, and I got a small wacky little job the day after at some place near Liverpool street called ‘The Pipeline’, there was an fundraising event going on in the basement of this place for some Alice themed film. There was some pretty crazy characters performing, but it was good fun.

University stuff..

My graduate showcase at the University of East London with work on show from all the other students on my course will be opening on the 29th of May in the AVA building, feel free to come along and have a look.

And again, I will be doing the Free Range graduate exhibition at the Truman Brewery on Brick Lane this year. My university will be exhibiting between the 12th and the 16th of June. I posted about this a few times last year, where I said I will be the one curled up in the corner.. And I probably will be again. I’m sad I won’t have Paul, the brilliant technician who got me and others through the course in my first two years to help out again. And with the exception of Dom who has been doing the same course as me this year as well as the first two years back in Swindon, there is barely any one I even like that will be around. So it’s gonna have to be a round up all the free drinks before any one arrives tactic…
Here’s hoping my boyfriend finishes his masters degree in time to come for the open evening!









I’m supposed to enjoy this kind of thing right?

Wedding photography is all kinds of stressful…

Today has been a busy day, first I was back shooting at Lotmead, which was verry fun. And then I was off helping Dom with a 25 year vowel I just didn’t know what to do, and I couldn’t understand a thing they was saying.. Awkward.

Below are a couple of pictures I took from the wedding and the reception. For any of those interested, I was using my new 50mm as I’m in love with it, and cant bring myself to take it off my camera body. 🙂






How long does it take..

To get your act together?

Jeez, I’ve been off this Blog for quite a long time. Since my last post, I’ve finished my first year for the summer, I’ve been poorly, been to Portugal (got sunburnt to the extent my face was the colour of red wine – no joke) and photographed a wedding. I also just got a junior blogging position with a local PR company in Swindon to promote the Parade centre in town. Exciting stuff. Oh and I also turned 19 this last Monday.

Also I just bought myself a new camera, the Nikon D7000, due to breaking my last one. I took it for a test drive when I was in Portugal and resumed my obsession with taking portraits!

I was obsessed with this woman’s hair piece

The Beautiful Bride!

Hi Dom!