Want a free E-Book?

If you’re interested in travel photography, or just interested in photography then this is for you!

Please feel free to click here and download our free E-Book called ‘NO BORDERS’, filled with works from 5 aspiring photographers in their graduation year at the University of East London.
All you need is the free iBook app on your iPad or iPhone or iPad touch, open the download link on whichever device and it goes straight to the app!

It was created for our final year of university, and is part of one of our modules.
Feel free to tell us what you think!


When a portrait turns out well

It really gets me excited about photography again…

I mean, lately I haven’t had such the enthusiastic approach to photography that I used to. Well I love looking at work, but for my own work I have very little motivation.
But as said in a previous post, I have been visiting a farm in East London. Great little place and I have been enjoying my time there so far. I photographed the farmers market yesterday and I really love some of the results.
Also I’m enjoying photographing recovering ex battery chickens. Talking to one of the workers I found out they have only been at the farm a few weeks but are already showing great signs of healing. It’s wonderful to see.






Calling all Londoners

I would personally like to invite any photography fanatics to an event on Monday the 17th of February

This event is a photography book launch in aid of one of my third year BA modules. We’d love the support of any one who could come!

The details are:
Date: Monday 17th February
Time: 12pm – 4pm
Location: Leytonstone Library
6 Church LN, London, E11 1HG
Event: Photography Book Launch
‘No Borders’, a travel photo book, designed by five aspiring photography students at The University of East London. The photographs presented will raise awareness of countries around the globe, by helping an audience understand the culture that distinguishes them. The viewers can have an insight to the places they have never been before, but hope to go one day, after coming across No Borders.

If any one out there is thinking of coming, I’d love to hear any comments either on this post, or over at the events blog page: No Borders Photographers

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Ah I really love farms

Like it is so much fun, I could stay at one for hours, just exploring

These are a couple of images from my first visit to Stepney City Farm, and it was great. I was only capturing animals at this point but I intend to expand to photographing the wonderful people who work and volunteer there as well.
The squirrel isn’t part of the farm but it looked so cute with an acorn stuffed in its mouth that I had to try to photograph it. (:

This is hopefully going to now be my final project for my year 3 BA, and I feel like it’s going well so far..

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