Paris in December

At the risk of being totally soppy, I won’t mention my boyfriend too much…

But I did have a wonderful time with him, and wouldn’t have had the opportunity to go to Paris if it wasn’t for him being an amazing architecture student!
We mostly walked around Paris apart from our trip to a little town outside of the city called Clichy Sous Bois (sp?) and also apart from one trip on the metro after we couldn’t be bothered to repeat the hour and a half walk back from the Eiffel tower to the hotel. We were completely exhausted after that.
We were staying in a great little hotel just a 20 minute walk from the Pompidou centre where we saw a camel..randomly. We also went for a visit to the Notre Dame, as you must do whilst in Paris.
There was this interesting experience that was quite surreal when a little bit drunk.. quite literally hundreds of Santas on motor bikes, held up traffic for my guess a good 20 odd minutes. Given my state of drunkenness and total amusement, I was quite pleased with how the below picture turned out.
The gardens outside the Louvre are just as beautiful as I remember them from when I was previously in Paris about 6 years ago.

Think i’m getting worse at this talking thing?!









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