Calling all TRAVEL/DOCUMENTARY photographers!!

Helloooo, I need some input here please!


So as I have mentioned in a previous post, I have just started at the University of East London. One of my modules requires myself and others to create a book, an exhibition, a public forum, a workshop or whatever else we could possibly think of.

My group has decided on creating a book, with a book launch in London, and possibly a mini exhibition to compliment the event. Our general idea revolves around travel photography, as a lot of us have pictures from all over the globe (Malta, Normandy, Thailand, Rome, Albania…)

As well as using our own personal work, we love the idea of asking for contributors who have photographs from various countries. This blog post is just to gather if anyone out there would be interested in helping out with our University project.

We’d ask that if anyone wants to contribute, we would need to have HIGH quality DSLR images, and if we use images, full credit of the owner will be given.


2 thoughts on “Calling all TRAVEL/DOCUMENTARY photographers!!

    • Hi there, thank you for the interest! We are still in discussion about having contributors and will need significant more interest from others. If this does go ahead I will get back in contact with you.

      Thanks again.

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