Why didn’t I do this in the first place?!

I mean, I know why I didn’t, but still.. I really freaking should have.

I’m only three weeks into my third year of University, which is now the University of East London. It’s an adjustment, I still feel very homesick and all I want is to go back home and be with my boyfriend. But the big plus side is that I couldn’t be happier so far with the lecturers I now have. A BIG improvement from my previous two years. The lectures so far are amazing compared to the previous sitting in a class doing nothing kind of lectures.. Though I have been left feeling intimidated because I don’t feel like my first two years have prepared me for this.. The university itself is pretty cool, very modern, right on the river…with an airport on the side… but i think i can deal with a couple of planes every now and again.

I’m nearly at 500 hundred followers! So glad people like my blog enough to follow. I hope any work I produce this year can be more interesting and a great improvement on previous projects.

I’m just going to show again a few of my favourite pictures I took last year from different shoots. Particularly this one of the piglet, I just think its so damned cute. 🙂






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