I’ll be the one curled in the corner

The open evening for the exhibition at the Old Truman Brewery went verrry well

Yesterday was the open evening of the Free Range Graduate show at the Old Truman Brewery on Brick Lane. Once I downed a few glasses of wine and got rid of that pesky nervous tummy, things started to get very exciting with people everywhere and my favourite two people there, the boyfriend and the best friend were there in full support and a lovely suprise visit from my grandaddy.

The set up day on wednesday was an absolute nighhhtmareeeee. Thanks too two very helpful people, it caused us a few hours delay… (you don’t know what you’re talking about, you have no place to be saying this shit, now GTFO) But our technician, Paul was again such a legend and I don’t think we could have got it all done without his help.

Before the open evening started I was having quite a nice chill out at the Hookah Lounge on brick lane, really nice place. Tried some Egyptian hibiscus tea, which was really quite lovely. Ben had some other tea that just tasted like curry..

This is open until next Monday the 24th, and I’ll be there all day this Sunday (people need to come keep me company!!), milling about or curled up in the corner with a bottle of wine, dying from the heat of the place.

I’ll be posting a few times about all this. 🙂 keep tuned!

Before the set up begins

Before the set up begins




Dom and Suzie, hi guuuyyyssss

Dom and Suzie, hi guuuyyyssss


3 thoughts on “I’ll be the one curled in the corner

  1. Visited the exhibition yesterday (24th June). Admired your work which I thought was amongst the best in the whole show. You have a natural talent for photography. You are good and you should believe it!! Being shy can be a handicap but you must have the ability to work with your subject else you would not have got the images you did.

    I am sure you have a bright future in phtography.

    • Thank you so much for visiting and liking my work! I can only keep improving. I am way more advanced than when I started studying photography 4 years ago. Thank you again!

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