So after two years on the FDA…

…And I have learnt what?

What even is a camera?

What’s the ISO? EH?!

Whitebalance?! Is it 100?!

Auto is the best setting right?

Jokeees. I know what what I’m doing…. Sometimes.

But anyway..

The only person you need to make friends with is your technician.

I love ours, our all round know it all on anything and everything you need to know. He’s the go to guy, a top man, and giver of cheeky banter.

Just cause you have a small class (of nine) doesnt mean you’ll get more one on one time with your lecturer.
Who even are my lecturers?! No, seriously. I feel like I haven’t seen them once this year..

The course fees are still the same as if you went to an actual university..
The lying bastards. They advertise its cheaper, yeah but no. Thats not how it is.

You’ll use your entire student maintenance loan to pay for the course
I thought I had money, but I just paid £200 odd for my resources. And then another £600 for the exhibition. Fuck knows how much printing costs, but I know i just spent about £60 this last week..

You should probably get your lunch at 7am when you arrive in the morning.
Cause there wont be any food left when you go at lunchtime!

You’ll be asking daily for someone to pass the rope
Cause them deadlines are a serious killer.

I’m paying four f@!*ing grand a year and for what?
To stand at the printer with the A levels and Btecs cause we can’t afford to have our own printer. To have someone that ambushes you into stressful and pointless meetings, and f@!k your entire class over at the last minute. ‘Yeah I’ll sort it, dont worry’ tends to mean ‘I wont tell you until the week before and dont even look at me like that because you should have read my mind and knew what I was planning anyway’.

Talk about unresolved issues.

A couple more pictures from the other saturday, taken at Lotmead farm.



Gema 2


6 thoughts on “So after two years on the FDA…

  1. I sometimes feel the same about school. You pay so much and it feels like you aren’t getting your money’s worth. The best thing to do is soak up as much as you can and take advantage of any opportunities that come your way. I really love the pictures, you are a very talented photography. Keep up the awesome work 🙂

    • When you think about it, it costs about a couple hundred a day to be in the class and you’re getting very little out of it…Not cool.

      Thank you so much!

      • You’re welcome. I’m currently apply to schools and figuring out my life, if you want you are more than welcome to come check out my blog and read some stories 🙂

  2. Hi Gemma
    Know just how you feel and couldn’t have put it better. You did better than me, I crapped out after the first semester (elsewhere). However if you haven’t actually got your final qualification sewn up / in the bag / beyond the reach of a vindictive faculty you might want to take this down until you have!
    All the best

    • A few people have advised me on that. Couldnt at all tell I was feeling a bit ‘miffed’ about situations going on when i wrote this!
      Thanks for the comment.!

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