Playing with my new toy…

And I hope Ben doesn’t kill me for this…

I ordered a 50mm for my Nikon yesterday, and it arrived this morning. Hows that for quick delivery?! I can’t wait to shoot with it properly. I played around with it this morning, taking pictures of my boyfriend, and the dog who is quickly becoming my favourite model!
I love how low an aperture it gets down to – f/1.8





4 thoughts on “Playing with my new toy…

  1. 50mm was the first lens I bought after my kit kens that came with the camera and I still love it and use it all the time, I’ve used it for a couple of mosaics, I think the DOF helps to make what is a small part of a bigger picture more defined. I like to tell stories or document the off recipe with it. It’s a great lens, have fun.

    Sunday Roast

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