It’s taken me 23 days…

It took me 23 days into the New Year to actually use my camera…

But it was a good day to use it, as me and Dom were photographing performing arts students in the studio for their portfolio’s, and for our agency (‘Turn It Up Photography’- website coming soon) to get some work we can show other clients. This business stuff is hard work, and business plans are utter nightmares.
Anyway, so we were just doing headshots of these students, a couple of full lengths and three close ups, we didn’t know how to pose them, and some of them were so shy they didn’t know what to do either. I had thought they would have been prepped for this shoot, but nevermind. I suppose posing models is a skill i’ll need to work on…tips?

I hate my tendency of getting ill, just gets me so far behind on my course, building up the stress which makes me less likely to want to do any work. Such a good student still.

Here’s one of the playful shots..

Iram 677