It’s an actual Sauna..

And this is more technical than I care for..

For my course, we are creating our own agencies and I am working on a campaign for the Thamesdown Hydrotherapy pool charity in Swindon. They work with the disabled, the elderly, those who have just had an operation, and those with other impairments. Though, the pool is seriously hot and its ever so dark and we are not allowed to use any lighting! Nightmare. And not being technically brilliant, I’m finding it quite a challenge, and my pictures are coming out stupidly noisy. The only way I’ll be able to use lighting is to get my own models, but will defeat the point of the campaign. However, recent communications may mean I might have a really exciting model coming in to help out! Fingers crossed!
Any one got any pointers?

I can’t bear to show the photos as they are so bad, and I’m almost embarrassed to show these, but this gives an idea of what I have been attempting..