Ball bags and gas masks…

A little unexpected that I’d be photographing such things, but i’ll just roll with the flow…

By no means are these technically brilliant or even that fascinating too look at. But as I haven’t actually picked my camera up in ages, and so having nothing to post..this is what I’m left with.

I’m not entirely sure why these uniforms are in the art department of the college, or why the students are sketching them… or even why I was asked to photograph them. But y’know. Things happen.
The uniforms were all very interesting pieces, ranging from modern day to back when I don’t even know…but old. Let’s just leave it at that.

There was a Wilthire police force director of music ceremonial jacket from this year and a royal engineer equestrian team riding jacket from 1999. Those were the only sheets I read.. So everything else is guess work. On display was also a periscope back from one of the world wars, as well as a sash that kept wooden ‘things’ that kept gunpowder in. And in reference to the title of this post, there was some sort of bag that kept some sort of balls in. And not talking about tennis balls either.. In amongst all the army and police gear there was some brownie and girl guide uniforms and badges…I don’t know about that either. I just don’t know.


2 thoughts on “Ball bags and gas masks…

  1. These are pretty fascinating….think the belt one is civil war. Love the red waistcoat too – time for a revival of that style?! Your pictures are lovely. I too studied photograhy…but many many years ago! Thanks for visiting my blog.

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