I’m fairly sure this isn’t the road i wanted to go down…

As a training professional photographer..

But it seems to have happened anyway. Club photography must be enjoyable for some people, but I really don’t agree with it. The sweaty drunk dancing crowds, while I weave in and out with my new expensive camera lenses and flash gun… I don’t love it. This last Saturday, my manager at the bar/club I work at asked me to do the first ever night of photography for the place. As a lot of other clubs in Swindon have photographers and thought lets hop on the bandwagon! And lets face it.. drunk people are camera whores.
I’m glad this was actual paid work! …my normal behind the bar rate, but still.. I think I’ll be doing this for a few weeks, as well as photographing the under 18 night at another popular Swindon Club next week. The rest of these photo’s will be on facebook eventually, once I add the logo’s and edit them and what not.. Hours of unpaid work.. Best be appreciated.

How long does it take..

To get your act together?

Jeez, I’ve been off this Blog for quite a long time. Since my last post, I’ve finished my first year for the summer, I’ve been poorly, been to Portugal (got sunburnt to the extent my face was the colour of red wine – no joke) and photographed a wedding. I also just got a junior blogging position with a local PR company in Swindon to promote the Parade centre in town. Exciting stuff. Oh and I also turned 19 this last Monday.

Also I just bought myself a new camera, the Nikon D7000, due to breaking my last one. I took it for a test drive when I was in Portugal and resumed my obsession with taking portraits!

I was obsessed with this woman’s hair piece

The Beautiful Bride!

Hi Dom!