Second Year Cohort in the Limelight

Getting some exposure for my course’s second years..

The 2nd Year class completed a three day job of covering the Harold Jolliffe One-Act Play Festival on Saturday 14th April. The festival has been running since 1947 and gives local amateur production groups the chance to perform their play to an adjudicator, with a range of prizes to be won for the best.

With photographing the productions, the awards ceremony, and offering the actors and producers portraits, the whole event was a steep learning curve for all involved. Photographing from a small lighting booth, from the back of the studio, with challenging lighting conditions, needed a lot of thinking on our feet. Plus directing the actors for portraits after coming off stage into position needed quick judgement.

A great set of images were produced and the organiser, Ashley Heath is looking forward to the arrangement being a long-term partnership for the college.

Please visit this link to see the second years pictures on the Harold Joliffe One Act Play Festival’s website (Bit of a mouthful!)

Also, to see all their sets of images from this event, please visit their flickr page, Smile Photography

Swindon Act; Photo by Richard Maidment

Dead Meat Productions; Photo by Richard Maidment

Swindon Act; Photo by Kat Mabbot/ Jenny Langan

Written by Jon Ratcliffe. Originally posted on my class blog, SN3Photography


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