Just that little bit more..

And boom, I am done.

All my tattoo pictures are done, and nearly ready to hand in for marking. The shoot yesterday was really good, had some fantastic people to model for me for the module, as well as another little cutie to just photograph anyway! πŸ™‚
Oh and that interview..I got the job!

To see more from this shoot, please see more by clicking here. Annnnd don’t forget to like the page- need my numbers bumped up πŸ˜‰


18 thoughts on “Just that little bit more..

  1. I recently stumbled across your blog and I LOVE it! I love the layout to the content and everything in between! I have the same camera as you, but I am still learning how to use it to its best, these photos are fabulous! I am your newest, most avid follower, I look forward to reading your future posts. I would love it if you could perhaps follow me back too?

    Love from, THE EASTERN PEARL

  2. great photos! also very creative to include a baby at the end of a tattoo series πŸ™‚

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