All work and no play..

Makes photography students very angry people..

And dammit we work hard so a bit of a ‘family portrait’ session in the studio is no harm. 🙂
We just had a deadline today for our contextual studies module (yawn) and have another for our professional studies on Wednesday…and another for contextual again next week. This all makes us very unhappy, but we will celebrate hard once its all done with. 😉

Photos self timed by Jordy Day, a very good photographer, so you should go check her out!
I love these guys so much!

Me, Jordy, Suze and Dom

Me, Dom and Jordy

Jordy, Me, Suze and Dom

His charm, vanity and vivacious personality..

Is just a few words to describe Cecil Beaton, one of the Royal photographers…

On Friday I managed to get to the Queen Elizabeth II exhibition, photography exclusively by Cecil Beaton, asides from a number of portraits of Beaton by the likes of Curtis Moffat.
I actually loved the exhibition, it was so personal especially with the pictures of the Queen and her children. The images are beautiful and touching, and positively amazing seeing Royalty as nice and normal people – a comment which was written by the Queen in a letter to Beaton, thanking him for his portrayal of the family.

‘The telephone rang. ‘This is the lady-in-waiting speaking. The Queen wants to know if you will photograph her tomorrow afternoon’ … In choosing me to take her photographs, the Queen made a daring innovation. It is inconceivable that her predecessor would have summoned me – my work was still considered revolutionary and unconventional.’
Cecil Beaton’s diary, July 1939

Please read more about the exhibition here on the V&A’s website

I had my first shift on the bar last night, and I think it went really well! I didn’t panic, didn’t make too many mistakes, and didn’t get too bummed out at the fact I serving and not drinking! Another announcement, I’ve just gone over by 200th follower mark! Thank you to everyone who enjoys my work and keeps having a look back!

Just that little bit more..

And boom, I am done.

All my tattoo pictures are done, and nearly ready to hand in for marking. The shoot yesterday was really good, had some fantastic people to model for me for the module, as well as another little cutie to just photograph anyway! 🙂
Oh and that interview..I got the job!

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Hungover for an interview

Doubt that will be the best first impression ever…

Yesterday I took photos of the beautiful Suzie to catch up with my studio module (that was due back in January, woops) and also my portraiture module. So close to finishing it all up!!! About bloody time.
Also I finally have a job interview today! Yay me. Heres hoping my hangover won’t stop me from doing well in it… Also have some lovely people coming in today for me to take photos of as well! Yay for being busy in the studio!

Bumping about

More playing about in the studio with my old baby sitter…

Short and sweet post! I took some photographs of Zoe in the studio last week of her baby bump! She’s due next month with a little girl! Ahhh exciting. 🙂 She’s a great model to work with and I think the photos turned out really well. Ain’t she a beaut?!

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So not cool being in Uni on my holiday…

But at least the place is quiet, got the use of the studio and time to get work done. As I was ill for a month in January, I’ve slipped so far behind on my projects. Theres two deadlines i’ve missed and my extension lasts until after the holiday. I’ve done next to f*ck all… Professional don’tcha think?!

Today I’ve been cruising in and out of the studio with a few different people trying to get shots done for my studio and portraiture books. A few of the photos I took today are attempted recreations of other photographers work (which I have to do for my studio module) I’ve also bought some studio equipment which I can’t wait to try out!

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