Exhibiting for the first time.

No embarrassment here thank you very much…

I gotta say, even though our first exhibition and open evening at the Link Centre Library was small, it was a relative success. We had a good turn out, and good feedback. And we had wine. πŸ™‚

One of the photographers from the Link magazine came to take our photo, it may not be the big leagues but its a locally good start!!


The 5 of us who were in the country and actually showed up!

Suzie with her work

Dom with his work

Me with my work


6 thoughts on “Exhibiting for the first time.

  1. your pics (from what i can see) look really nice! and must be quite satisfying having some intrerest shown, that’s how it all starts!! I am trying to learn photography (all self-taught) but not good at all, any sites which might come in handy?? x

    • Thank you very much! It really is nice to get some appreciation for my work.
      Good luck with learning self taught! It’s all about the practice. No sites in particular, I’d just say research as many photographers as you can to get inspiration. πŸ™‚

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