Mad March Hare

And all the runners were mad…just for the fact they were running in my non-athletic opinion..

Today I got the opportunity to be one of the at least 5 other photographers that I saw running about photographing the Mad March Hare 10k and 5k run of which there was about 700 runners (including young children and dogs). It was definitely good weather to be happily sat by Lydiard house with my camera without a care in the world. (:

Mad March Hare, just FYI is supporting the charity Breakthrough for breast cancer. Today’s events had multiple sponsors including: Swindon Link Magazine, Swindon Advertiser, Eden Springs, The Big Adventure (some of the guys were taking part in the event as well), funding was also generously donated by the Swindon Borough Council and the National Lottery/

I’ll admit this isn’t the sort of photography I’m into…like, at all. But it’s all experience and mixing it up a little. Might even get to have some of my photos on the official website. Weeeee. 🙂

To see more photos…watch this space to see where they will appear!
Photos by GemaKatherine Photography

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Rhino at a rabbit crazed event...?

The Air Cadets who were helping out

Coming to the finish line!

The Big Adventure guys


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