Its all DRAMA these days

Literally on my course which takes the piss… and also creating dramatic shots…

Using a portable lighting kit outdoors is new to me and yesterday was the first play I got with a lumedyne flash. I’ve been considering getting some new equipment like this, and getting to experiment with it has definitely persuaded me to search and BUY! Any suggestions on budget but good portable flashes?

As a Nikon shooter, I felt like an actual traitor using a Canon 5D to take these photographs. Boo me. I’m so ashamed.
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Suzie, Me and Dom; Photo taken by Jordy Day


6 thoughts on “Its all DRAMA these days

  1. I personally love shooting with speedlights and prefer them over portable strobes, if you get the chance you should definitely check out Joe McNally’s work, He is a genius with a speedlight. I can’t really give you suggestions on portable strobes which is what it seems like you are working with here, as i don’t work with those. But if you want any suggestions on nikon speedlights I can definitely help you out there!

    • I’ll be sure to check him out! Any suggestions will be much appreciated, I suppose checking out all my options in equipment would be a good idea before I start spending!

      • There are of course going to be the super cheap options that are no longer made such as an sb-28 and such from nikon. And there are also the kind of expensive but still available new options such as the sb-600 speedlights from nikon. There is just so much to say about each of them that I can’t really fit it in a comment. Nedless to say as the numbers go higher, they get more expensive and you can do more with them. I’d say just start doing your research!

  2. Don’t feel like a traitor, the best camera you have is your mind. The tool you use to facilitate your idea is secondary. I prefer Canon, but I’ve also shot my fair share on Nikon, they are both good for specific situations. Thanks for sharing as you continue to learn, you inspired me to find all of my old darkroom prints and remind myself of how far I’ve come. Best Wishes.


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