Focus On Imaging

And just casually hanging around the other Nikon fanatics because being around Canon feels wrong…

There’s already a few detailed Blog posts out there about Focus on Imaging, so I won’t really say a lot about the exhibitors and what not. All photos below are taken by me. To see more, I will be uploading more onto my Facebook page GemaKatherine Photography just give me a day or two to get sorted! Internet is being slowwwwww.

It was interesting to see the University of Gloucestershire photography students exhibiting there, as my course is run by their Uni, just off campus in Swindon. I was really impressed with the students work, one in particular being Tom Gidden.

I had the pleasure of meeting the photographer Matt Sills who was the event photographer for Focus. Gotta say he was a very interesting man (with a recovering bruised face!), and open to talking to myself and the other students I was with.

One thing I love about events such as FREE things! Free pens, free sweets, free Fujifilm instax mini 25 print (and the print really is mini, and as cute as the cameras are, I think i’ll stick with Polaroid!) and also a free a3 print from Ilford! One thing I was sad to miss out on was a free print taken of yourself by a large format camera! Talk about gutted…

I think today was more disappointment than anything, especially knowing we’d missed photographers Perou and Lara Jade by mere days which was really upsetting! I’ve been following Lara Jade for years so I was particularly saddened to have missed her seminars!

University of Gloucestershire students


10 thoughts on “Focus On Imaging

  1. I am so motivated to pick up a camera, and this post definitely motivates me. And I am sure you will get to attend another one of Lara’s seminars :).

  2. I’ve always wanted to go to an event like this, but they seem to only happen on the west coast or New York here in the states. Looks like an interesting time!

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