For god sake, F*CK IT UP

..Is a phrase repeated at least 50 times by Paul Hartnett..

OMG, FREAK OUT, F*CK IT UP, OMG and a few more OMG’s for good measure. Paul Hartnett, a self confessed pervert with a fag -literally- super glued to his ear, this man is not afraid of himself and is definitely not afraid of the world. Hartnett is an accomplished photographer who insists fashion photography isn’t his MO, but rather that it is research at the heart of his work – he style stalks, he is a fashion and lifestyle detective, he works to capture the social and fashion history, but purely for reference. He really isn’t your everyday photographer.

Hartnett has contributed to multiple publications over the years, including two of my favourite magazines to pick up – i-D and Dazed & Confused. But as amazing as it was to meet such a man at his level in the industry, by the end of the day he ended up pissing me off (for reasons I shall not divulge into), however it was still an experience I would not have missed.

Below are a few photos of myself and others from my course (first and second years)

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Paul Hartnett; Photos by Paul Henderson

Paul Hartnett; Photo by Paul Henderson


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