The Kiss on the Wall

This is something I would put on my wall proudly..

So only with a bit of editing, I love how this looks now compared to the original in my last post. (: It just looks kind of magical and all loved up. I’d prefer it if it was a bit grainy-er though, to really get the old feel! (;
The bottom picture is the original by Alfred Eisenstaedt. Amazing photograph!

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Photographed by GemaKatherine


23 thoughts on “The Kiss on the Wall

  1. It’s a lovely moment, well captured and the bit of post processing improves it a lot. My best kiss was shot from the window of the GdaΕ„sk sleeper late at night with a compact camera. Not a chance I’ll get again!

    Ae fond kiss; the last train home arrives

    • Thanks. πŸ™‚ The post processing does make it a lot better. Sometime that’s the beauty of things, not being able to capture something again, but you’ll always have the first. πŸ™‚

  2. Good spot. Enjoy your time at Uni. I’m doing a Graphic Design degree as well though I’m in my final year.

    I put your nice pic through some manipulations as well. I was hoping to pin it to the reply but didn’t let me do that.

    You seem to know your photo history which is always a boon.

  3. They really put themselves into the roles. πŸ™‚
    There are times when B&W images capture something that becomes lost in the emotions of colour. This is one of those situations where the codes & conventions of the medium really impact on the information/message being conveyed. Well done !

  4. Loved your photo of the kiss. Very nice interpretation with a very fashion current look to the female model.

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