The Kiss in Trafalgar square

Just strolling by and this happens…

I don’t know why, but seeing these two people literally made my day, and left me with a feeling of amazement after walking away. So the photo I took isn’t quite as stunning as Alfred Eisenstaedt’s V-J day in times square, but trying to re-create the look is still pretty cool.
I had a fantastic day in London with my friend Beth, we visited a very small exhibition in the National Portrait Gallery which is a collection of photographs of the work and performance of Sandra Lousada. But that can be for another post. (:

Also happy days for me, I’ve hit 1000 views! It might not be 1000 followers but its still quite exciting for me and my little Blog! I hope I can keep improving it, and get to posting more things that you people out there find interesting enough to look at and like and come back more!


19 thoughts on “The Kiss in Trafalgar square

  1. Dear Gema,
    Nice try in Trafalgar Square. Rankin re-staged this a little while ago in Times Square itself and it didn’t look as good as yours – well done. Dave H

  2. Nice blog! I really like your color. It’s soft and comforting to look at. πŸ™‚

    I would love some advice once I get my pics up for viewing.

  3. I think this was a really good adaptation. Your models posed VERY wey well for you. The match of the uniforms was a very nice touch.

    Well done!

    Post a b/w version. Let’s see that.

  4. Robert Doisneau’s Kiss at the Hotel de Ville was also staged but that didn’t stop it being iconic. It’s well worth looking at it from the aspect of the shutter speed he used and the composition of the surroundings. Your actors are disconnected from the surroundings, his had drawn the attention of passers-by, who are interacting with them. The slow shutter speed helps to blur some of the non-participants.

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