In front of the camera

Bit of a rarity…

Can’t say I like being put in front of the camera, but I thought I’d make a change and say hello with a camera whoring photo -A photo before I went to town drinking.. SHOCK.

This Wednesday I will be disappearing to London for the day with my dear friend. (who will have the camera turned on her!) See a few photos I’ve taken of her in the past in my 2009 work…this needs updating! Anyway,  I’ve been directed to this site called Spoonfed which tells you what is going on and where. Pretty nifty.. And all I can say is I will definitely be going to the National Portrait Gallery. (:


4 thoughts on “In front of the camera

  1. It’s a beautiful picture… I did this only once and it was completely by accident. I was shooting in an antiques store and accidentally got my own reflection in a dressing table. I really like how it turned out though. It’s the only picture that has been taken of me in years.

  2. You should get in front of the camera more often! I used to hate shooting self portraits. I don’t mind much now, and quite enjoy it actually! I use it as a way to try things out first before I go shooting with a friend.

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