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An Eye For Fashion

Norman Parkinson Photographs
British Designers 1954-1964

21 January – 15 April 2012
Bristol M Shed.

This exhibition of over 60 rare vintage photographs by Norman Parkinson was absolutely fantastic, and is well worth the visit if you get a chance (Which I highly recommend if you are interested in fashion photography!) The majority of these works were featured in Vogue magazine, as well as The Queen magazine – so already you get the idea of glamorous portraits. And I was totally thrilled to get to go!

The photos have such a timeless beauty about them; all the models and locations are all subtly yet impressively staged so that they look completely natural. Though every single detail from the weather to the locations colour scheme is controlled to Parkinson’s meticulous preparation and perfectionism. The end results perfectly capture the mood of an era in such a way that only great photographs can – the fashion, the personalities, the sophistication and passion. A lot of the photos have a sort of romantic attraction which I find particularly alluring, making me wish I was a part of that time; or at least cover my wall in the pictures!

The exhibition was made more special by the fact there are vintage clothing on display as well as the photographs. They really helped put the context of fashion into the room. This really is something to visit, its not the every day standard gallery with pictures merely stuck on a wall. You can tell a lot of effort went in to this, and is something to be admired.

These are some of the photographs on display in the gallery.

Queen Magazine, 1960

'I'm a plain girl', Advertisement for Cadbury's Bournville 1963

Just a heads up…

The first year Foundation Degree Professional Photography students are exhibiting

For those of you who live in Swindon, I encourage you to clear some time in your busy schedules to visit our first exhibition which will be held at the Link Centre in West Swindon between the 19th of March and the 31st.

This will be our first exhibition as starting up photography professionals, so a bit of support would be absolutely fantastic!

Stay Tuned!

Next shoot in the studio is planned…

The lack of activity has been due to 24 days of illness. I kept track of the days for it being so tediously boring… But news! I have an exciting shoot planned for next week, photos to follow then! Hopefully the output will be interesting, as the guy I have sitting for me is quite a character.

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