Bristol Business Growth Show

So that was the earliest I’ve woken up in long time..

6 o’clock is just too early. Fact. But asides from that and the not as brilliant as the De Vere lunch, today at the Future Inns Cabot Circus Hotel, doing work experience with Bruce Boulton again was a very good day. Networking and making connections really is important in the photography business; The people you meet may not have a need for your services right now, but somewhere down the line they may come back to you, or may have clients of their own that would be interested in you doing some work for them. Who knows.
I had the pleasure again at this event to meet some pretty interesting people, such as the man behind Sunflower Films, not only a charming fella but has worked on some real cool projects. I also briefly met Ali Cmaeron-Daw, ‘the uk’s first interactive business speaker’. I just had to photograph her because she looked fabulously pink!

Here are some of my own photographs, more of which can be found on my new facebook business page GemaKatherine Photography.

The Purple Moustache Guys!

Ali Cameron-Daw

Business Growth Show

A little bit of work experience with Bruce Boulton

So today I got the chance to get some work experience with the Swindon based photographer behind Lantern Photography. The business Growth Show was held and sponsored by the De Vere Hotel, and asically all I did was stand about Bruce’s stall and look after it while he dashed around taking photos of his own or going to speed networking things. I also got to take some photos of my own! Not that they are anywhere near his standard! Plus there was a really rather nice free lunch thrown in 😉
I also had the pleasure of meeting Derek Gale of Gale Photography a really quite fine Portrait Photographer and is definitely worth a look at.
Tuesday next week I’ll be doing the same thing, but in Bristol. 🙂

Something I learnt from today is how valuable it is to network as a photographer and enquire about people’s business’s or interests to see if you can do something for them. Also, it helps to specialise in a few particular areas so the clients know they can trust you to do what they need. Network Network Network, get your name out there!

Here are a few of my photos from today.

Bruce on the right

Eicca Toppinen

Perhaps the best I have ever done..

Here’s a picture I drew of Eicca Toppinen, one of the celloists of the band Apocalyptica.
It took me freaking ages, but I think the end result was worth it!

Hunter Court

Here are a couple of images I took when I visited my friend at Birmingham University.
They are meant for my current module ‘The photograph as a document’
I intended them to be rather grainy, student life isn’t particularly glamorous.

Time to follow…

My class’s blog!
SN3 Photography! First Year FDA Professional Photography students
Find it Here. Bear in mind, it’s only just started, like my own one has, but hopefully, eventually, and soon, we’ll start collecting followers…hint.