Photography Exhibition X3

V&A Museum visit + some

So on my lone trip to London, I went to three different exhibitions! Firstly I went to ‘Signs of a struggle: Photography in the wake of Post-modernism’ , plus the actual Post-modernism exhibition (which cost £8 as a student to get in!) and finally went to the new permanent photography gallery. 🙂

Post-modernism is said to be the most controversial movement of art and design. It’s an ‘unstable mix of the theatrical and theoretical, the movement defies definition’. The key principles of post-modernism are complexity and contradiction.

The exhibition itself was of great interest, and set out in a complex way with angles here and there instead of straight walk up and down boards. It certainly matched the quirky works displayed. Jazzing up the exhibition were neon lights and writing flashing around the walls! The work displayed was a variety of mediums, from paintings and collages to sculptures and mannequins with eccentric clothing – Including an outfit by Vivienne Westwood from her punkature collection!

Probably the most amusing things I came across were two outfits and a music  video by Klaus Nomi, which is so brilliantly absurd it has to be shared!

Here is a selection of works I enjoyed:

Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown: In the las Vegas desert

Denise Scott Brown
Robert Venturi

Nils-ole Lund: The future of architecture. ‘A collage showing the landmark buildings of late modernism reclaimed by nature.

Nils-ole Lund

Well that’s the post-modernism..another post to follow about the other two exhibitions!


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