Gema: Tools of the Trade

So, to begin with I am totally lame at this point in time writing these sort of things.. You need an introduction, because, well you cant really start without one. But how do you write them?!

So anyway, I am in my first year studying Professional Photography foundation Degree. I am doing this New College, through the University of Gloucestershire. I am also big on drawing and painting… specifically painting and drawing people. Any thing else I attempt, i guarantee will look like a 5 year olds effort.

These are what I use when being hopelessly creative: 

1. My beautiful new Nikon D5100 (Which I am still getting the hang of – but I love it, as its practically got Photoshop inbuilt with its nifty little tricks (; )

2. A not so beautiful Nikon 580 which is oh so generously provided by our lovely Technician at college. I, however, very much dislike film, but it is unavoidable.

3. A 2H artists pencil – I’m not interested in all the other artists pencils… too much effort to switch when I’m on a roll.

4. Providing I have a blank canvas.. I use acrylic to do my painting (which is more so rare than me drawing)

Hopefully, I will be able to show a lot of my works on here. 🙂

Happy First Posting!


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