Photography Exhibition X3

V&A Museum visit + some

So on my lone trip to London, I went to three different exhibitions! Firstly I went to ‘Signs of a struggle: Photography in the wake of Post-modernism’ , plus the actual Post-modernism exhibition (which cost £8 as a student to get in!) and finally went to the new permanent photography gallery. 🙂

Post-modernism is said to be the most controversial movement of art and design. It’s an ‘unstable mix of the theatrical and theoretical, the movement defies definition’. The key principles of post-modernism are complexity and contradiction.

The exhibition itself was of great interest, and set out in a complex way with angles here and there instead of straight walk up and down boards. It certainly matched the quirky works displayed. Jazzing up the exhibition were neon lights and writing flashing around the walls! The work displayed was a variety of mediums, from paintings and collages to sculptures and mannequins with eccentric clothing – Including an outfit by Vivienne Westwood from her punkature collection!

Probably the most amusing things I came across were two outfits and a music  video by Klaus Nomi, which is so brilliantly absurd it has to be shared!

Here is a selection of works I enjoyed:

Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown: In the las Vegas desert

Denise Scott Brown
Robert Venturi

Nils-ole Lund: The future of architecture. ‘A collage showing the landmark buildings of late modernism reclaimed by nature.

Nils-ole Lund

Well that’s the post-modernism..another post to follow about the other two exhibitions!

Signs of a Struggle

To visit: The V&A museum

Photography in the Wake of Postmodernism

I will be attempting to visit this exhibition on thursday. Go Go Go! If not for the exhibition, then for the very fun dressing up area, with very cool fashion on display – my personal favourite being Adam Ants stand and deliver outfit!!

“This display explores photographs that make reference to themselves, other media and texts, and demonstrates how such Postmodernist approaches to photography have persisted for over 30 years.”

The exhibition is playing host to works of some quite influential artists, a few I am already familiar with and fond of – particularly Cindy Sherman, and David Shrigley (Whose books I have obtained are hilariously entertaining. And if you do like his work, I suggest buying ‘What the hell are you doing?’)

Here are a few of Cindy Sherman’s work.


Cindy 2

And a few of David Shrigley’s work


David 2


Kick start to the degree

These photos are part of a set from my summer project, the brief being ‘my existence’. I kind of went with the ‘existence is sometimes only skin deep’ sway. I could have gone with something deep and philosophical, or a total unique concept. But really… who wanted all that thinking during summer!? That was time meant for partying!!!


Existence 2

Existence 3

Existence 4

Nikon D5100

Ahh love at first sight

Come my 18th birthday, came my savings, and so came the purchase of my beautiful brand new Nikon D5100! Ahhh the love, its amazing.
This is the first photo I took with my new camera, and this was an experimentation using one of the many new settings it features – this photo being in High Key. I’m pretty pleased.



A2 Movement Module

I quite enjoyed this module, plus discovered quite an interesting photographer by the name of Francesca Woodman – sad story about her though..

These are some of my long exposure self portraits.


Movement 2

Movement 3

London Snaps

Paparazzi Time!

I am lucky enough to have a brother who on occasion will take me out on his jobs. Meaning – hunting down famous people at events!

Honestly, some people I’ve had the pleasure of photographing, I have no idea who they are. I never have the luck of meeting the big stars (a privilege only my brother gets it seems!) And if you don’t know who these people are, hover over the image to find out. 🙂

One thing I’ve learnt whilst trailing my brother is that the images that sell best are full bodied photos of women. There you have it.

Amber Rose

George Lamb

Sophie Ellis Bexter

Zara Martin and Leah Weller


2009 AS module on street photography
That just happened to revolve around smokers…
I really like this unit of my AS level, as it meant I could photograph my big interest.

This first photo is a picture of my good friend Mark, fantastic guy, and was willing to be photographed! I was quite proud of this photo, and was gutted I couldn’t use it for my portfolio..



Smoker 2

Smoker 3