I don’t think I’ve shown this one yet.

Here is another photo from last year…

I’ve uploaded quite a few from this shoot in the past, but thought one more can’t hurt right? I was very pleased with this shoot at Lotmead Farm in Swindon, and I definitely fell in love with the Gypsy Moth plane they keep in a hanger there.


Next week, starting the 22nd of April until the 4th of May, I have a solo exhibition at the Rural Arts Gallery in Stepney City Farm featuring some of the photographs I have taken around the farm. Prints on show will be available to buy! It’s quite exciting, my first solo exhibition.. I am also doing the Free Range Graduate show at the Truman Brewery in Brick Lane again in June.
So, any Londoners out there wanna come have a look at my work in person?

Open 10am to 4.30pm Tuesday to Sunday
Stepney City Farm
Stepney Way,
London E1 3DG
(closest tube station is STEPNEY GREEN)


But no sushi…

Stanton House is my favourite Japanese restaurant and does the best sushi I have found yet…

So if you are in Swindon, I would definitely recommend the visit. Stanton House also has these beautiful massive grounds – Stanton Park – which is where I went for a walk around with my boyfriends wonderful parents and jack (the dog) on Sunday. It was a lovely day, and a lovely walk. But I’m still sad about missing the sushi.. But here’s hoping I can go next week!






Seems I’ve had a rapid change of interest.

Usually I am more interested in photographing people than animals or anything else…

But this City Farm project has gotten me more excited about my photographs of chicken more than my photographs of the people. I’m not sure where that change of interest came from, and might not last long after this project is over, or I might stick with photographing animals for a while. Not sure if my images are any good or not.. But I do enjoy farms.. I get all excited, like a small child.


6 weeks and counting

My final year of university is rapidly coming to a close, and I’m not sure how I feel about it..

I’ve never particularly got on with education, and I definitely don’t see myself doing any further education..Just nooo thank you. But at the same time, I really don’t want to finish and then get a job in the real world. I enjoy my mid afternoon naps too much. (:
Again, after saying that I had a great week at the John Lewis Photography Studio for a weeks work experience and I thoroughly enjoyed my time. The 9-5 thing with an hour travelling time both ways was a struggle to get used too, but happy to say I didn’t mind it where as I thought I would never be able to have that kind of job. Oddly I’m stressing more about the 3 exhibitions that I have coming up than the actual university work. (one solo)
Anyway, I have still been happily shooting away at Stepney City Farm. At the farmers market this Saturday I picked up a loaf of Haloumi Bread from @ebbyskitchen and I have to say its amazing, and I have already eaten all of it…chubby but happy tummy.

Sadly again, I didn’t manage to photograph the new baby goats who have just been born. I will catch them one day!







The Pig Idea

I really love pigs…

That being said, it wasn’t the easiest thing ever to photograph these two. I don’t like photographing outdoors when its really sunny, and it was when I went to photograph these pigs.. makes too many harsh shadows and highlights. Next time it’ll hopefully be a little more overcast. I’m not a great fan of the shots I got from today, but I do like some of them which are the few below.







Want a free E-Book?

If you’re interested in travel photography, or just interested in photography then this is for you!

Please feel free to click here and download our free E-Book called ‘NO BORDERS’, filled with works from 5 aspiring photographers in their graduation year at the University of East London.
All you need is the free iBook app on your iPad or iPhone or iPad touch, open the download link on whichever device and it goes straight to the app!

It was created for our final year of university, and is part of one of our modules.
Feel free to tell us what you think!


When a portrait turns out well

It really gets me excited about photography again…

I mean, lately I haven’t had such the enthusiastic approach to photography that I used to. Well I love looking at work, but for my own work I have very little motivation.
But as said in a previous post, I have been visiting a farm in East London. Great little place and I have been enjoying my time there so far. I photographed the farmers market yesterday and I really love some of the results.
Also I’m enjoying photographing recovering ex battery chickens. Talking to one of the workers I found out they have only been at the farm a few weeks but are already showing great signs of healing. It’s wonderful to see.